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Point of Sale Systems in Houston, Texas

Houston POS Systems is the #1 provider of POS software and hardware in the Houston, Texas metro. We make it easy for merchants to compare and find the best deals fast. We’ve helped 1000’s of customers find the perfect solution for restaurants, bars, retail stores, small businesses, hospitality, and more.

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POS solutions for all business types

Here at Houston POS Systems, we are all about customer satisfaction and this is why we provide all the necessary equipment and functionality that your business needs to thrive. By offering robust and reliable equipment that is durable, longstanding and is constantly being updated and upgraded, we have been able to meet the demands of thousands of clients who have chosen us as their top POS System provider in Houston and surrounding areas.

Our aim is to bring the latest solutions that will ease the way you do business and also allow you to collect data that will improve your business approach and strategy. All of our clients are presented with the opportunity to enjoy fast and free quotes from our experienced experts who are capable of offering professional insights that can guide them to make the best possible decisions that will translate to business growth and development.

We help you compare POS systems

We aim to ensure that you get everything you need to scale your business up, and this is why we have chosen some of the best point-of-sale systems to compare that allow you to enjoy benefits tailored just for you and your business. We pay special attention to each of our customers and strive hard to satisfy you with the highest standard of service.

Square Point of Sale System for Small Business


Most Trusted POS Provider in Houston, Texas.

Rest assured that we only work with top software companies with reliable hardware that has been sourced from trusted providers, so you get a hassle-free experience. All of our providers offer a full range of support services to help you get started. This includes a dedicated support team to handle the installations and settings of your POS System. You’ll also receive the training you and your workforce need to scale and increase revenue for your business.

What our customer say

I had a great experience working with Houston POS Systems! I was looking for POS software and hardware for my restaurant and bar in Houston and found exactly what I was looking for. I waited until the last minute to shop around, but Houston POS helped me compare options and choose the right one, which saved me a lot of time and trouble.

Jessica C.

I needed a point of sale solution for my small business and utilized the services offered by Houston POS Systems. We needed to find something fast, so we compared several options but went with a mobile POS with integrated card processing. Very pleased we used their service to find the best software for our setup and we got great rates.

John R.

Houston POS helped us find a cheap point of sale solution for our retail shop. With other companies we looked at, the price was more that we wanted to pay. We were able to compare several software options and found what we needed in our budget. Very pleased overall with the process and selections.

Evan G.

Tableside Mobile POS Payments

Why choose us

At Houston POS Systems, our aim remains to deliver solutions that are tailored to improve your business success, whether as a small business or as a franchise. We offer POS systems that are suitable for different types of businesses and offer all the support services you need to compare the different features and arrive at the perfect solution that works for your business.

Our team of professionals can also offer the advice you need to make the decision that will change the way your business is carried out and also improve customer retention and satisfaction.

Houston POS Systems

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