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Cash Registers

Houston POS Systems is the #1 provider of cash registers in Houston, Texas. We make it easy for merchants to compare and find the best deals fast. We’ve helped 1000’s of customers find the best cash registers for restaurants, bars, retail stores, small businesses, hospitality, and more.

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Your Cash Register Supplier in Houston, Texas

If you are a business owner, you know for a fact that you cannot do business without a cash register. If you have been in business long enough, you have seen how cash registers in Houston, TX, have evolved into modern-day Point of Sale (POS) systems that can do a lot more than count sales transactions and simple math. At Houston POS System, we offer all modern cash registers from the top providers, and we take the guesswork out of finding and comparing the best POS systems in Houston, Texas.

Imagine having to handle every single sale at your business without being able to use a cash register or POS system! It would be total mayhem, and you would lose money here and there without even realizing it, and that is just not acceptable.

Plus, without a proper cash register or POS system in place, your employees would be tempted to steal, and you would lose even more money. You also wouldn’t be able to track all of your transactions accurately. Continue below to learn more about the differences between a cash register and a POS system. Having an understanding of what exactly the two options are will help you make a more informed decision.

Example of Cash Register

What is a cash register?

A cash register is a setup that includes a drawer to keep collected money. It’s used to record the amount coming in from a sale, keeping a record of that transaction, calculating the tax, and processing a receipt for after payment.

Cash registers are very simple systems and can handle the basic payment processes. They are used mostly at small establishments because they can handle the basic functions and features of a small business. Cash registers are also great for less tech-savvy merchants because there are fewer bells and whistles to contend with.

Benefits of a cash register

Here are a few benefits of using a cash register vs. a POS system.


Cash registers are very cheap, with most of them costing around $100, plus you only get to pay for it once without making additional monthly payments for any reason.

Easy to use

Cash registers contain almost no extra features besides what would help it process your payment. This made it easy to use because everything in it was very straightforward.


The components of a cash register consist of the cash machine itself and a cash drawer. This makes it easy to move about and set up since you are not dealing with additional hardware.

Customer Using Cash Register Machine

Why use a POS System?

A POS system is everything a cash register can do and more. It processes more payment options, including Near Field Communication and other newer types. This also helps you accept payment anywhere, even if it’s not in store. They also help with inventory management, making it easy for you to keep an eye on items sold and when they were sold. It provides you with records, whenever you require, on what has been sold. This also helps with stock keeping as you get to know what you are running out of, what to stock up more on, what is being bought less.

A POS system depends on software and could be mobile or cloud-based. The software makes it easy to integrate with a host of other hardware like printers, barcode scanners, and credit card machines. Overall, a POS system is more advanced and is meant for businesses with more needs. They are easily customizable, which means as a business grows, you can always add more features to it that would be beneficial to your business. It also increases efficiency because you can accept any payment with it, increasing customer satisfaction.

Modern Cash Register Houston TX

Benefits of a POS System

Here are a few additional benefits of using a POS system vs. a cash register.

Payment Options

A POS system can handle a wide range of payment options, including the ones offered by tech companies like Apple Pay. They also accept a wide range of cards. Depending on the software provider, some come with a barcode that could be scanned to make payment. This ensures that your customers would always make payments no matter how they choose to pay.


Because a POS system uses software, it can be easily carried as the software could be accessed on a smartphone or tablet. This means you can still access the system when you are miles away from work.

Advanced Features

POS systems come with advanced features that appeal to businesses, like inventory management and stock keeping. This allows you always to be updated on what the store needs to stock up on. It also makes you understand customer behavior, knowing what your customers like best. If your business has an online store, you can also connect the POS to the system so that all the payments made can be directed to one account.

With a POS System, you can also manage your staff time, seeing which staff works the most and those that lag.


The existence of these two options, one traditional and one modern, creates questions for those willing to start a business. Which one do you go for? After all, they both process payments, but are they the same? The simple answer is no! By completing our form above, we will help you find the perfect fit for your business.