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Retail POS Systems

Houston POS Systems is the #1 provider of retail POS software and hardware in the Houston, Texas metro. We make it easy for merchants to compare and find the best deals fast. We’ve helped 1000’s of customers find the perfect solution for restaurants, bars, retail stores, small businesses, hospitality, and more.

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Point of Sales Systems for Retail Shops in Houston, TX

If you need a new POS system in Houston, TX, we offer many different POS software and hardware solutions, including iPad POS, Android POS, mobile POS, cloud-based, and traditional terminals from the top companies. Complete the form to find the perfect solution and to get the best deal for your business fast.

If you have not heard about POS (point of sale) systems before, you have definitely seen them at restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and retail stores just like yours! POS systems make it much easier for both your customers and your staff members to conduct transactions; in fact, the basic premise behind the invention of such systems is to allow all the retail industry and others to make the process of selling good to consumers as simple as possible, thereby allowing for more transactions and more profits.

Some people refer to a POS system as the cash register since that is where they pay, and it is a “cash register,” just not like the old ones! These systems can do a lot more than the old cash registers ever could. If you have yet to implement a POS system for your retail business, you will be glad to know that there are even more benefits that you could enjoy from doing so. If you are still considering why you should upgrade or get a new POS system, the following tips below will guide you…

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Point of Sales Benefits for Retail in Houston, TX


Payment Options

There are so many ways to make payment for items bought these days. While some people still use cash, others prefer to use their cards to complete payment. Some would rather use their smartphone to make cash transfers, use Near Field Communication, or scan a barcode and automatically make payment. This makes it necessary for every business owner to be able to handle any of these payment methods, something a POS system can easily do. POS systems come complete with a credit card reader. Some POS providers also equip it with a barcode that customers can sign to make their payment.
These varieties of options would make your business move as people can now patronize you no matter how they choose to pay.


A POS system automatically inputs details such as the product details, price, and any other necessary information. Apart from saving you the stress of manually improving this detail, the system does it with much precision so that it does not make a mistake even in a letter. Mistakes are inevitable with humans and you misspell a name or state the wrong price. Errors like this could be grave as they could cost you, customers.

Ease of Use

POS systems are very easy to operate. Most of them are like our tablets or smartphones where we only interface with the screen. This makes it easy to follow prompts, input commands, and handle things in general.

Restaurant POS Systems in Houston, TX

Better Service

No one likes to waste time in a place trying to make payment and that is something you know. With a POS, you can handle payments quicker, making your customers more satisfied. POS systems come with a barcode scanner that makes it easy for you to get the details of a product, including the price, without having to manually input it, saving you enough time. And once the payment has been processed, a receipt is printed in a matter of seconds.
Because of the less time it takes, your staff would have more time to focus on other things in the business.

Inventory Management

In former times, you would have to manually enter every product sold for records sale. This could take time and the information entered was not always reliable. A POS system automatically records every purchase made into the system, providing you with a record and details of every item sold, the time they were sold. This allows you to know when to stock up on an item. It also informs you on which items are being bought the most and which are list purchased so you can know which items to give priority to.

Staff Management

Rather than manually schedule when your staff is meant to resume, a POS system gives you the function to create these schedules, assigning the time when a member of the staff is meant to resume. This allows you to keep an eye on your staff, even when you are not present during the week. It also allows you to know which employee is working hard and which is slacking, based on their activities on the system.

Square Point of Sale System for Small Business


A POS system provides you with a report as often as you would like it. Whether you need it daily, weekly, quarterly, or yearly, the reports are always well detailed and accurate. This saves you the stress of having to compile or reconcile records manually, which could contain errors.

Upgrade Features

As your business expands, it would be necessary for you to also adopt newer functions into your system to suit your operation. Making upgrades on the POS system is always quite easy and you will always find something that suits your business no matter how big or small it is.

Having a POS system in your business ensures a complete turnaround as it would improve efficiency, productivity, and sales.